Hey! Yeah Evokaii - that's us Karolina & Steve!
Evokaii is our life-style brand, with which we want to bring movement into life, we want to fuel passion with our products and actions.
Inspired by chasing wind, waves & endless summer around the globe. We stand to contribute to life by crafting high quality products, which accompany us through all our adventures.

Evokaii. Movement. We put lots of love into our products. We go through each step at the production by ourselves, choosing the right material with the right colours, the right zipper for each hoodie, creating the according satin tape inside, and putting on top of the overall first class cuts our designs.

And to make each hoodie even more awesome in it's own, we tag it with an unique kite-embroidery, in the shape of our logo, 
recycled from used sky-rocking kites of us and our friends!

Our products are produced environment friendly, as we care for our world which inspires us everyday. Therefore our cotton is from controlled manufacturers, our prints are made with eco-friendly water paint, all products are sewed by the incredible gang of grandmothers, and everything is for 100 % produced in Europe !


You can reach us via below, or connect with us via the social links below!