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Top Kitesurf Destinations for 2020 – Sicily

Top Kitesurf Destinations for 2020 - Sicily

Many of you already visited and probably many not even heard about this fabulous kitesurf spot in Sicily, which called Stagnone. So this article will hopefully tell some important information for both. I’d like to give you some guidelines on what to expect if you choose to visit Sicily. The big marketing about the place […]

Floating In Paradise

Nadine Stippler Evokaii Story Sri Lanka -

Caribbean Spirit I wake up to Caribbean rhythms and blink into the first rays of sunlight which are announcing the start of a fresh day. The ocean is ceaselessly pushing the waves back and forth over the fine sand and I can hear the wind bristling through the trees. The first kitesurfers come onto the […]

KiteSurf Colombia

Collection of Surf And Travel Pictures of Colombia

Oh Colombia When you hear Colombia most people think of Pablo Escobar, the drug cartels and the FARC rebells. Not only through the news, but recently the series Narcos has produced so much publicity, that even the labs and houses of the Narcos have become famous places for people to worship and lay down flowers. So […]


Evokaii Kite-N-Surf KNS Rob Kidnie Wave KiteSurf Barrels

The winter is creeping up all over Europe, what better then to plan the next escape to the beach to do some kitesurfing? There are many spots around but one which we keep close in our heart is Mui Ne for it’s strong winds, good beach swell, people and of course food. Season time in Mui Ne, […]

Travel | Surf Updates

Evokaii Pascal Christen TheFreeSurfer Travel Blog

It’s been time – long overdue actually. As at the most times if you would talk with Pascal during a beer at the evening sun overlooking the lake in his hometown in Zug, Switzerland. He’s been already several months in the country, working hard so that he can leave and travel/surf the world again. His work […]

Travel | Surf Updates

Evokaii Pascal Christen TheFreeSurfer Travel Updates

New updates over at TheFreeSurfer.Com from our friend Pascal. If you are looking for some free surf travel advise, head over and read his stories. You can also stalk him on Facebook, he’s happy to give you advise from years of travels and can tell you the best surf spots around.