Pascal Christen

Pascal Christen
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Changes Every Month ;-)
Favorite Move:
Frontside Snap
Rider Details:

Swiss born and raised, it was the combined love of spending time in lakes and rivers as well as in the nature in general, with the excitement of snowboarding, that brought him first to surfing

A decade later, he has been to most corners of this world, surfed countless different waves in various countries, and had enough time to see, experience and learn about a great number of different cultures on every continent.

If surfing is the main force that keeps him traveling, or if it’s only an excuse to learn more about life in all its ways, is a question he doesn’t feel to answer. To him, traveling is a chance, an enrichment, and a driving force in its self, while surfing is a consistence in his ever changing life.

Surfing is what brings him to places, most people have never even heard of, and takes him far away from the beaten track. It makes him interact with the local people, wake up with sunrise, gives him a better understanding for nature and our environment, and at the same time makes him appreciate the simple life as much as the luxury of our first world civilisation. But most of all, surfing makes him happy!

So maybe it is this simplicity and happiness he’s chasing after, and the perfect waves and hidden paradises he finds along the way, are only a bonus or a reward, for his many hours in bumpy busses, trains and boats, sleeping in airports, and waiting for that one day when everything comes together.

At the moment, he’s considered one of Switzerland’s Top 10 Surfers, but what is more important to him, is to inspire people to do something with there life, and try something new. He sais: “You can do what ever you want, as long as you are willing to pay the price!” And sacrificing a few comforts to live a fulfilled and adventurous life, while visiting exotic places doesn’t sound too bad