Lucas Pisoni

Lucas Pisoni
Home Spot:
Favorite Move:
Megaloops, Blind Judge 3
Rider Details:

Lucas has been active outdoors since a very young age. Born in Austria, he had the mountains and lakes to his feet and travelled with his family to different surf spots even before he could stand on a board. He started skiing with three years, followed by windsurfing when he was 8 and kitesurfing with 13 years. When not studying at the sport-university, he is mostly outside and there is no limitation to the sports he does pursue but follows where the passion is leading him.

So did he achieve the European champion title in shortcarving 2012 and just recently has made it to the cover of the KITE Magazin.

But the main thing he lives for is the spirit when he dives facedeep into powder on the mountain while carving down the slopes, flying through the air 10m above the sea or simply on the beach with the guitar when the sun goes down.